About us

Our Company was founded in 2013 by Adam Kratochvíl.  Packung is specializing in Packaging and Optimization within Business and E-commerce, ManufacturingWe are the exclusive Representative of PANOTECTM Automated Packaging Machines with options for Add-ons for Automation for Packaging Management.

Here you can find information about our history. Overview of our certification and inportant documents are enclosed in footer of this website.


Automated warehouse management with WMS

We are implementing WMS and optimal goods placement in the warehouse receipt. A constant evaluation of the quantity of stored goods and the structure of future demand will then be part of our management system.


Our projects receive awards from the expert jury in the Ekonom Magazine competition (TOP LOGISTICS SERVICE category 1. BOX48.CZ, 2. BOXOLLO.COM, ECO-ECO category: 2. BOX48.CZ)

More manifacturing capacities

Our new NEXT PRO machine from Panotec increases capacity and expands the offer of custom box production + automated waste removal from both lines up to the paper press



New warehouse and administrative building

Nové sklady s pojezdovými regály pro až 5000 paletových míst a zázemí pro dalších až 30 zaměstnanců

Expansion abroad

Náš projekt BOX48.cz díky své unikátnosti odbavuje rostoucí množství zahraničních klientů. Projekt BOXOLLO.COM zaujal na veletrhu Fachpack 2022 v Norimberku.

Membership with APIL.CZ

Stáváme se členy asociace zaměřené na problematiku inovací v logistice
a jejich aplikace v podnikatelské praxi a tím i národním certifikačním orgánem manažerů – specialistů v oblasti logistiky.




Development of unique SAAS for right-size package dimensions

Team is growing

Growing demand for our services helps us to grow faster and we work in a team of 20 specialists


We are adding new automatic packaging machine types to our offer



Increased Production Scaling

We are integrating an Automatic Stacking System that will automatically fold the Cartons onto a Delivery Pallets for distribution.

We integrate ERP System

We have integrated HELIOS INUVIO ERP in which we work on the smooth Data Transition for Production and within our Information System.

B2B Platform

We are currently prepairing a Platform in 2021 for our B2B Customers.  This Platform will have a wide Range of Integrations according to our current Experiences with Customer Care Procedures.



New Warehouse and Production Facilities

Our Storage Capacity is now growing up to 2500+ m2 including a new Production Line.

We created BOX48.cz

This unique system is producing a Boxes-On-Demand from one to thousands of units within 48 hours.  Our New Factory Line will double the Production Output.

We are FSC® Certified

We do care about Enviroment and Sustainability with our FSC® Certificate (FSC-C147798).



We are moving

Our Production Line including Warehouse and Office Facilities are finished.  We have finally started at our new Addres.

Our Recertification for ISO 9001:2015 has been Completed

Recertification of ISO 9001:2015 was completed.  This has strengthened the Interconnection of our Company’s General Management and Quality Management Systems.

Our New PANOTEC® Production Line has been installed

We started our Production with a Range of Cardboard Products with Our New PANOTEC® COMPACK EVO.



We are starting to build a new facility

Our journey in Strachotín is about to end and we will have prepare new capacities for our offices and warehouse

Partnership with PANOTEC srl.

We are opening a exclusive representation office of a manufacturer of unique machines for the production of custom-made boxes from endless cardboard PANOTEC srl. in the Czech Republic and Slovakia



We design new facility

We have bought a walnut orchard in Horní Věstonice where our new warehouse is about to grow

Partnership with CGP Coating innovation

We are opening a exclusive representation of a leader in anti-slip systems and packaging solutions with a focus on technological innovations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia



We are growing

Production is increasing within our Warehouse.   Growth is continuing to exceed our Business Targets.

Our Expectations for Additional Infrastructure are well within Reach.



Our Certification for ISO 9001:2008 has been Completed

Our Company is now QMS Customer Management Certified.



Establishment of the company 1.11. 2013

Adam Kratochvil’s Vision was to Create and Develop a Fully Integrated Business in Packaging and new Innovations within this Field.

Company Headquarters

Th Company Headquaters is located in Strachotín.

All our Products are now Transported through our Own Carriers

Our First Custommers are being supplied in South Moravia from Packung s.r.o.