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Thousands of Our Customers love Packung Fast-Made Ecological Boxes.

When using Filling and Fixing Materials Inside of your Current Packaging, you Always Increase the Costs of Transport and Contribute to World’s Pollution.

What about Using Cardboard Right-Size Boxes?

It doesn’t matter if you are a Small Manufacturer (E-shop) or a Large Warehouse Manager – Our Data-Driven Solutions Work for Every Phase of your Business Growth.

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Our Fachpack Exhibition stand is part of Czechtrade Exhibition Place.

BOX48.CZ is Ideal Start for Your Proffesional Packaging. Right-size cardboard boxes on demand will Save Your Money for Filling nad Fixation Material. At there is No Need to Pay Minimum Ordered Quantity (MOQ). You can Fill In Random Dimensions to Create Samples for Your Own Products. What More? You can Order Wide Range of other Packaging Material – from Adhesive Tapes, Paper Tubes to Stretch Foil.

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How does look our Boxes in real? What are “Bigs”? How the constructions are completed? Watch our Youtube channel to learn more about Box-on-demand Technology.

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Let’s meet – an advanced algorithm for Counting your Minimal Boxes on the fly by using your Own Product Sizes.

Do you Need to Pack your Product at your E-shop or You are Looking for Ideal Packaging for your Furniture Company? BOXOLLO will help you to make packaging faster, minimize consumption of packaging material and make product transport safer.

How can you use BOXOLLO in your warehouse? Your ERP system sends Order Product Data (Dimensions and Weights). BOXOLLO calculate box design with optimal dimensions for each particular order. Moreover, BOXOLLO can visualize the optimal storage of your products in the box. There are plenty of other useful packaging data insights you can use. And we hope that it can make warehouse managers’ and operators’ life happier.


Packung is specializing in Packaging and Optimization within Business and E-commerce, ManufacturingWe are the exclusive Representative of PANOTECTM Automated Packaging Machines with options for Add-ons for Automation for Packaging Management.

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With Panotec Systems, you can protect and give more value to everything you package and ship. No more bulky boxes, no use of environmentally polluting void fillers (bubble wrap and plastic pads), no more damaged products, and most importantly, no more capital tied up in stock for unsuitable packaging. Panotec gives you the chance to have 100% “responsible” and environmentally friendly packaging.


Our ecommerce-specific automated machine come with top-of-the-line performance and offer sturdiness and flexibility, guaranteeing that items will be well managed.

The result is a process that efficiently integrates order consolidation, fulfillment and packaging, along with a continuous tracking option allowing real-time monitoring of ecommerce products.

Seamless integration with customers database and WCS, from purchase to delivery.


Struggling to get products out the door? Our full line of case handling equipment reduces the amount of labor needed to erect and seal cases,
making physical distancing easier, while keeping up with capacity needs.

Lantech Case Erectors deliver square cases, don’t jam and overcome common case manufacturing variations.

Lantech Case Sealers handle all types of flutes, double wall and single wall, and most common case sizes.

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